Friday, 17 October 2014

My awesome London Haul!

This is way overdue, but here's my London haul. The time to be jealous would be now. ;-)

Real Technique brushes - Nic's Picks are especially cool. I got it thanks to pre-ordering. I didn't see that set in stores once.

Revolution Iconic palettes. I stood ages in front of their display. I could have bought all palettes. 

Iconic 2

Iconic 3

Sleeeeek palettes:

Arabian Nights

Garden of Eden

GOSH New York palette

Beautiful lashes, an incredible long lasting eyeshadow pencil from Collection and an I love Make Up blush.

Last but not least the gorgeous Illamasqua polish from their Once collection.

What do you think? Awesome haul isn't it? I'm really happy with those products. Reviews will follow. :)


Thursday, 16 October 2014

The Body Shop Nail Polishes

I'm sure some of you have seen them already, but The Body Shop released nail polishes! The had polishes quite a while back, but that was years ago.

I couldn't wait to check them out and I gotta say I am impressed!! They released a lot of shades and the ones I tried in the store had a great formula and were almost opaque after a coat.

They also released a nail polish remover which smells divine. I love it.

Since I'm on a budget I couldn't take anything home with me, but that's only a matter of time. *gg*

You should definitely check them out, if you're curious - here's the price list.

Did you see them? Probably got some already? What do you think??


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

GOSH Fall/Winter Novelties

Hey guys,

I've been really busy, sorry for the lack of posts. Two weeks ago I had the incredible pleasure to attend the GOSH event to see their Fall and Winter collections and novelties.

I have some sort of special relationship with GOSH. GOSH was one of those brands which were only available in the UK for ages and even though we now have it in Austria it's still something special. :)

Enough talk! Let's take a look.

New Lip Laquers with a freaking awesome colour pay-off

New lovely lipstick colours

They created a powder which can be used as primer and setting powder and three mineral powders. Haven't tried them so far though. I'm more of a liquid primer/foundation girl, but I'll review them soon!

They also had their relatively new eyeshadow pencils which I already reviewed. You can see swatches and everything here.

A lot of new and promising products. :)

Have you tried any of those novelties? I'm gonna post reviews and looks soon.


Thursday, 2 October 2014

London, oh my dear London!

Many of you know about my love for the UK, hell it even stands in my description box. *gg* So I was more than happy when my husband surprised me with a short trip to London.

We went this weekend and I loved it. I think about making a "What to do" and "Tips for London" post, by now I've been often enough. *gg*

A few things that haven't changed. I still heard more French than English, Asian tourists are everywhere and my beautiful Big Ben is as lovely as ever. I was so happy to see him again, I couldn't stop smiling.

Of course we went through all sorts of shops, but with the exception of The British Museum, we didn't go anywhere touristy. Here some photos, we didn't take that many.

My husband started to drink tea a while back, so we simply had to pay the original and first Twinings store a visit.

Near Big Ben we found this little diner called "herman ze german". It's obviously founded by a German and you can get Currywurst and Brezels there. 

I loved the little place. I didn't get anything, but my husband loved his sausage and I find the idea sooo cute. The whole logo and look of the store and the German products. I almost bought a shirt. lol

I was a bit sad though that nobody there was actually able to speak German. *g* At least not in this shift. 

It was a great, but exhausting wekend, we walked around a LOT. *g* The short visit eased my longing for this country, but there's only one place who can really do that. Scotland!

I can't wait to go there again. I hope I'll see the Highlands soon, Since I started watching Outlander it only got worse. *gg* My plan is to be there next summer again.

I'm gonna show you what I bought there in my next post. :-) A lot of gorgeous stuff. One sneak peek and my favourite item:

What's your favourite part in this world??


Staudigl goes online!

Last week I had the pleasure to attend Staudigl's PR event to celebrate their new online shop including some novelties they are selling. Let's take a look..

Pretty neat, right? :-)

Their online shop will feature brands such as Deborah Lippmann, und Gretel, Glückspilze, Origins, Soapwalla, Zoya and many more.

There's express delivery available, abo functions and even personal assistance to find your ideal product. Overall, a shop perfectly equipped if you are in need of your favorite natural cosmetics. :)

You can take an online-stroll here:

When it comes to natural cosmetics, what is your favorite brand? Mine is definitely Origins!